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Attracting and retaining the best employees is vital to every company’s success.  Not only do your employees need to be sold on your company, but also on living in the Twin Cities.  When you’re recruiting key people from another geographic region, getting them excited about living in the area is essential to them selecting your company.


As a full-service real estate company, Competitive Edge Real Estate offers a fabulous recruiting service that introduces visitors to life in the Twin Cities, Minnesota hospitality and the best the area has to offer.


Twin Cities Living Tours

Step one:   Customize the tour

We take the time to learn about the unique interests and priorities of your recruits before they arrive in the Twin Cities through phone calls, emails and Skype.  With all the prep work complete, we create a customized itinerary to ensure a great experience and enjoyable day.


Step Two: Tour the Twin Cities

 Our tour will include selected homes and neighborhoods, lakes & parks, tourist attractions and local hot spots.  Whether a full day or half day tour, our visitors will feel welcomed, get a taste of the local culture and enjoy getting to know the Twin Cities.


Step Three:  Follow up Services

 After the tour, we follow up and get all their specific questions answered. We keep in touch and help your recruits feel connected to the Twin Cities during the decision making process.



Contact us today for our half day and full day fee schedule.  Additional concierge services are available upon request. When you hire your recruit, we will refund the cost of the Twin Cities Living Tour upon closing of their new home.




After you hire your new employee we immediately get to work to help them find the perfect place to live.  


Since time is usually limited for house hunting, we only show properties that match their criteria.  After we find the perfect home, we focus on financing, drafting contracts and negotiating on their behalf.


Without question, the most difficult part of relocating is the physical move.  Competitive Edge Real Estate will assist with all the last minute details involved with closing and moving.  Working together, we will help coordinate the move to minimize the challenges of this big change. 


As your new employee begins to settle in to their new home and neighborhood, we’re available to help them acclimate.  We know where to find the best Doctors, Veterinarians, grocery stores, dry cleaners, health clubs, salons and a wide variety of specialty shops.


Contact us today so we can put our expertise to work for you and make the Twin Cities home for your new employee!